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Mon, 14 Apr 97 18:47:44 -0500

In <>, on 04/14/97 at 06:38 PM, (Ronald Van Iwaarden) said:

>>Sorry if this thread has been covered in the past, but I think people
>>working on the DES Violation Group are attracted to it because the
>>statistics are so detailed... *PLUS* you can gain recognition by attach
>>your e-mail address to the work you did.

>I agree with this 100%. I (for one) would be interested in statistics
>per platform. I know I am intersted in seeing if I am the only OS/2
>participant or if there are a number of others.

I like the e-mail address idea also. And you aren't alone in running
OS/2. I'm running v4 on a Pentium 150.


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