Firewalls (SOCKS)?
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 15:23:17 +0900

I have several Win95 machines behind a SOCKS firewall. I'd like to get
them working on this at night after everyone else has gone home. Right
now, in order to get these hosts working on DESCHALL, I need to move them
to the outside of the firewall (physically change the cabling and then
change their IP addresses). That's a big PITA.

Is anyone working on adding SOCKS support to the Win32 code? If not,
I'd like to do that (working from my machine inside North America, of
course). SocksCap doesn't seem to want to handle DESCHALL.

Actually, now that I think of that, is that a problem with the server
to have two clients both claiming to have the same IP address? Because
anything that goes through the firewall will have the firewall's IP
address as the "remote host". That is, the server will see about 10
simultaneous incoming connections from one machine.

Drew Hamilton -- --