Re: Firewalls (SOCKS)?

Matthew Schnee (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 02:50:24 -0400

you can set up a udprealy on the firewall machine.

Here are durections that were posted to the list earlier

Thank you to everybody who responded for my request for help. Using
udprelay on our firewall is working great. 26 P-166's running BSDI and
Linux, a P-133 running Win95, 2 P-100's running NT, and 5 P-90's running
Linux and BSDI are now searching keyspace.

For those who might do this sort of thing:

1. If your firewall is running Linux, FreeBSD, BSDI, NetBSD, or anything
that lacks the SYSV poll() call grab the BSD compatible version of
udprelay by Brian Clapper from
2. Edit the makefile to reflect your local config and compile.
3. Create a udprelay.conf with the following parameters:

Hope this helps

Matthew Schnee