Cyrix 6x86

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>>Someone else has stated on this list that a Cyrix 586 is really
>>486-class processor. I don't know.

The 5x86 is a 486 class processor with Pentium enhancments. However, the
6x86 is a Pentium class chip, fitting into a socket 7 (standard Pentium)
motherboard. the 6x86 has many PPro features such as register renaming and
all that sort of fun stuff. It runs at a lower mhz than it's p-rating (my
P150+ runs at 120mhz and a P166 runs at 133mhz) but generally performs at a
level equal to it's P rating.

> I'm pretty sure that it's the AMD 586 that is a 486-class proc.

Correct. The AMD 586 is a clock quadrupled 486 (usually running at 120,
133, or 160mhz).

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