Re: First place.

C Matthew Curtin (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 02:24:38 -0400 (EDT)

> Name/Address Blocks Time Last Avg
> Done Working Checked-in Mkeys/sec1
> 38384 19.8 days 22 secs ago 6.032
> 38205 19.8 days 1 mins ago 6.01

> Wwe're in first now. Regarding the suggestion to switch to the
> Deschall and Brydder clients, sure, why not? Where are they? No use
> stopping and joining another effort when we're in first place,
> right?

First place of what? :-) We (the deschall group) are doing >

Plus, we'll soon be able to traverse firewalls, which we hope will
significantly increase the number of available clients.

Our status reports are available at

Stop playing around with <10Mkeys/sec and join us. :-) That's a lot of
keys, but if everyone can coordinate their efforts together, the
faster we'll get through the keyspace and prove that DES is too weak
for real applications...

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