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True, you should be doing it for the money. Since it doesn't really =
prove anything, that about all it's worth. Ten g's over all the people =
involved works out to what... about a buck each? Doesn't sound like =
it's really worth your time... how much do you make an hour at your job?

Bah... why are we ranting?


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>You actually think that DES is too weak when it takes all the
>hackers in the known unix world to stage an attempt which has
>been so far unsuccessful? Hmm... different point of view I

Err--that's not really the point. We've doing this with only
$10,000 as our reward, and without spending any money on
hardware. The only resources we're using already exist.. If
you give me $500,000 and three months, I will build you a system
to crack codes in days instead of months. Has anyone done the
calculations to see how long it would take Intel's Teraflops
computer to crack DES? DES is always crackable given enough
time or money. We're doing it with _no_ money and taking 150
days to do it.

Right now I'm trying to convince one of our support-droids
that the 'computer resources' he is trying so hard to save are
merely going to screen updates of a login banner. On almost 100

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