Re: osf/1 slowness

Me (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 14:58:53 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, Action Jackson wrote:

> Anybody else coming up with these same results with the alpha client
> It is a DEC Alpha 250 with 125 or so megs of ram running Digital Unix 4.0
> , and nobody but me online.
> The client for the a win95 machine on a pentium or the FreeBSD machine
> with a pentium are running twice as fast, and these alphas should
> be able to blow away either of those.
> -Chris
> Info..blah..blah..blah
I am making an assumpion that this is not Your DEC, but tech's.
I am pretty sure here at MD, In order to facilitate the number of people
using the Comp. Sci. cluster that they only allocate a few cpu cycles to
each user so the system does not get bogged down. I am running deschal
on 5 different DECs (If MD only knew hehehe), and they are going about
2^25 in around 2000 seconds, and my pentium is doing 2^29 in around 2500
seconds. I know that a pentium 100 is not faster than a DEC, and deschal
cannot be optimized that much for a pentium (or is it?) One more thing,
I think the DEC client is set to either nice -20 or nice -10, that could
make a difference...
Anyway, this probably did not explain anything you already didn't
know. Oh, does anyone know what the DEC clients command line parameters
are, or how thier used, can you make it hog up more prossesor time?


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