Re: osf/1 slowness

Action Jackson (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 15:54:22 -0400 (EDT)

The machines I am working with are older DEC 3000 workstations's, but I am
also working with a newer Alphastation 255/300. Trust me, these
things can MOVE, and at least outperform a pentium 100 (we have
checked this).

Is the code optimized for the 64 bit architecture? If not, it might
as well be running on a beefed up 486.

> Absolutely. If people are running background jobs (they don't have to be
> logged in), priority will likely be going to those jobs (DESCHALL will
> still get some work done, though).

I'm the only one logged in, and the load is at 0.01 when I started
the run and has stayed at 1 (therefore totally idle and having the program
work at capacity). No mail goes in or out of this machine. And usually
only 1 person would log into it just to download some files. Nothing
that would come near stressing the machine.

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