Re: 100% CPU

Carl Forsythe (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 18:11:14 -0700

This is funny....very funny...gotta be careful of all those little gears
and such, you wouldn't want to wear them out...sheesh... don't forget to
mention using WD40 to keep the processors in good working order, next time
you stop by the lab. Or maybe mentioning that you saw some packets leaking
from one of the ethernet cables...


>It's sort of funny, actually. We were denied the use of 15 Linux
>Workstations here by the CS department. Mind you, these workstations are
>completely idle all day, just waiting for the next big project (which will
>be this summer). But the people in charge ran the client for a day and
>then said that the DESCHALL program was too great a tax on the processor.
>I'm serious. They said "well, these are the newest computers we have and
>we don't want to wear out the processors." I glared at them in disbelief.
>"It probably also voids our warranty with HP to run programs like this
>because it is an undue strain on the processor." (These are P5-166 HP
>workstations). He also said things like "Processors like these are only
>'rated' a couple of thousand cycles a minute--going over that is not
>something we're about to attempt without study as the effects beforehand."
>At this point I was ready to strangle to guy.
>"Tell them that if they can make a nice client that doesn't run the
>processor too hard that we'd be happy to help."
>Note again--he's NOT concerned about the effects of the other users on the
>systems (there aren't any). He's concerned about "wearing out the
>processors". Like they're going to stop working much more quickly if we
>run deschall on them than if they sit idle all day...