Re: screen saver / unobtrusive DESCHALL

Scott McIntyre (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 00:18:43 -0400

>That sounds correct. Under Windows '95, DESCHALL runs in the
>"Idle" priority class. This is the lowest priority class. DESCHALL
>will get CPU time only if nothing else wants it. Except for the
>presence in the Task Bar, most people do not even notice it is running.
>It can be started in the Windows '95 startup window. It's properties
>can be set to "minimized". And you'll hardly notice it's there. :-)
>-- Rocke

In a related note, I found a program that makes DESCHALL even
less obtrusive. Instead of being minimized to the taskbar, it gets
hidden behind an icon on the system tray (where the clock is).
For people with 640x480 monitors, this can save a lot of space
on your taskbar. And it also makes it much easier to run the
program on a computer you shouldn't be - nudge nudge wink wink.
Almost invisible.

If anyone is interested, it's called HideIt, it's freeware, and they have

Scott McIntyre