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Justin Wolf (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 22:09:46 -0700

At least some of you have at least as much of a sense of humor as I =
do... :) Seriously though, I think this topic has run its course. =
Good luck to all the contest participants... if it helps in any way to =
get the government to lift is silly little laws it's worth more than =
anyone can pay (except maybe Intel, Microsoft, and Apple).


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On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, Jamie Gillespie wrote:

> > Encrypt the data on the tapes.
> >=20
> > You can get a hell of a lot more data trucking around DAT tapes or =
> > drives (depending on your needs), and anyone can tap into a cable =
> > listen, but cars can take different routes. :)
> Yes, but what if they drive by a REALLY big magent, they'd never even =
> until it was too late....

Magnetic shielding?

Gotta be *something* you can do.. :)

I've noticed someone put a [RSA] in the subject, this is a nice way to
filter out the messages *giggle*

I remember one day pondering shipping hard drives back and forth with my
news upstream. Just buy a couple of big HDDs, and every day on the way
home I'd walk to the ISP I was getting news access from and fill a HDD
full of news for tomorrow.

Of course, that never happened.

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