Re: screen saver

Arlen Khodadadi (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 22:32:43 -0700

>Drew> I don't know. On my 486, having DESCHAL running in the background of
>Drew> Win95 doesn't bother me at all. When I start up more applications,
>Drew> DESCHAL just slows itself down, and I never notice the difference.
>That sounds correct. Under Windows '95, DESCHALL runs in the
>"Idle" priority class. This is the lowest priority class. DESCHALL
>will get CPU time only if nothing else wants it. Except for the
>presence in the Task Bar, most people do not even notice it is running.
>It can be started in the Windows '95 startup window. It's properties
>can be set to "minimized". And you'll hardly notice it's there. :-)

Though I know that the program has very low priority and does not slow down
other programs, my friends don't seem to believe me. They see it in their
taskbar and feel that it is hogging resources. I don't know how hard it
would be to implement, but I think the program would be a lot more
appealing if it sat on the system tray (where the date and time is shown)
as opposed to the taskbar. That way it would not take up room on the task
bar and it would appear to just be running in the background like norton
antivirus or other tray programs do. You could also make a little icon for
it. Just an idea.