Re: First place.

Warner Losh (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 10:17:47 -0600

In message <> "Brian T. Osman" writes:
: computers! That is NOTHING! NOTHING! Think about the cmoputing power
: that
: Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Motorola, Apple, anyone could get together!!!
: They just don't want to right now, because it would only prove that they
: are in a position to conduct industrial espionage.

I have been hearing for years about multiple cpu designs going on at
various government labs. I recall that Sandia had an experimental
Pentium MP machine with either 1,000 or 10,000 processors (my memory
is failing me) in it with private and shared memory for each (it is
hard to tell for sure, cine it was a popular press report). This key
thing is just the ticket for something like this. The picture they
had in the paper showed a "rack" sized box (that is 19"wide, by 8'
tall by about 30-40" deep) full of backplanes and such. I don't know
how much that press report got right, but it does make you think.