RE: Multi-Processor Pentium Clusters (was Re: First place.)
Fri, 18 Apr 97 07:46:04 EST

From: Stuart Stock <>
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 1997 1:42 PM
Subject: Multi-Processor Pentium Clusters (was Re: First place.)

> Now the software to do this is free (Linux, the Beowulf package), the
>hardware is the everday PC, the only (somewhat) out of the ordinary
>component is the Fast Ethernet and appropriate hubs. Anyone with enough
>money can build one of these. Can you imagine how many keys this thing
>could search in a second (DES, RC5, IDEA, whatever)?

I took a long hard look at the options here, and I wondered if anyone ventured a
phone call to any of the schools that have one. Perhaps they might be
interested in donating a few spare cycles on odd hours? I also noticed
something, it says that this effort could be recreated with just about any
platform. Would it be worth trying to make one with 16 486DX-33 machines? I
doubt it'll be faster than an off the shelf Pentium, but it still might be fun
to see if it'll make a dent in the totals. And the challenge might be


Oh, thanks for the reponse on setting up a Proxy server, since no one had any
Really Good Ideams (TM) , I just picked a random solution and installed it.
Let's see if it works.