RE: NT, SMP, and Deschall.... How to use both processors?

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From: Stephen Shimatzki [SMTP:"Stephen Shimatzki"]
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Subject: NT, SMP, and Deschall.... How to use both processors?

>We finally got our NT 4.0 server the other day, and we wanted
>put DESCHALL on it to take advantage of the dual Pentium Pro
>CPU's in it... NT is SMP, and you can see both CPU lights
>working when it is running, but the DESCHALL client only
>one CPU while it is running. So, I thought... "well steve,
>maybe NT
>'hides' the other CPU so it looks like one FAST cpu..." But
>playing with it, I don't think thats the case...

You got CPU lights?? I'm jealous.

Just run two copies. The client doesn't know how many procs it
has, but if you run n copies on a machine with n processors,
you'll hit 100% on each processor, according to the system
monitor. For kicks, try running n+1 clients, and watch the

>Unfortunatly, this is our "FIRST" NT box, so I'm learning as
>I go on this system... at least 4.0 looks like Win95 and I've
>played with that a good deal... I would rather it be WARP
>SERVER for OS/2! :(

No you wouldn't. Warp is ugly. From bootdisk to networking,
it's ugly.

>So, my question boils down to this: How do you get it to use
>BOTH processors under NT server? (NT) I have the other Dual
>Pentium 150Mhz Machine running Linux, and it works with BOTH
>processors, but not the NT box....

Is NT seeing it during Bootup? If not, I don't know...

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