Re: hate mail

Michael J Gebis (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 20:19:51 -0500 (EST)

You wrote:
> Why don't we just nip this hate mail thing in the bud.
> We all know that whoever this person is at has his own
> personal problems. Profanity has no place on a cryptography mailing list.
> PLEASE, if you want to say something to the hate mailer, do it in
> PERSONAL EMAIL, and not on the list.

Let's just be clear here: Those messages were sent TO me, not by me.
They were also CC'ed to the mailing list, which is why everybody else
saw them. I don't think I did anything to invite the attack, and I
wasn't the only person who was mailed, so I assume the list was the
real target.

BTW: it's spelled don't sell chickens here. Indeed, is the home of such great minds in CS as Gene Spafford,
Douglas Comer, and Dan Farmer. We also are the alma mater of Orville
Redenbocher of popcorn fame. (Yes, this doesn't have anything at all
to do with cracking DES, but since and myself were wrongly
accused in the message above, I feel I should somehow try to unsully
our besmirched reputation.)

Mike Gebis