desmonitor 0.8 available for beta test

Lee Sonko (
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 01:06:25 -0400 (EDT)

Limited Beta release notice of DESMONITOR 0.8:

I've written a daemon that intelligently kills DESCHALL if your computer
is needed for other tasks. It uses "top" to see if other programs are taking
up system resources. If they cross a certain threshold of cpu usage,
DESCHALL is killed. The system waits for a time, then the system waits until
the machine is below the threshold for a certain amount of time, upon
which it restarts DESCHALL.

This program is most useful for systems that are sometimes in heavy use
and sometimes not used at all. It will only activate DESCHALL when noone
else is using the system.

This program is written in Perl on Solaris 2.5. The source is (of course,
it's Perl!) available. I'd like to give this program to a user on a similar
platform for Beta testing. After it passes Beta, it will be available for
general use.

Please reply to me directly at if you would like to
be a Beta.

keep hacking!