New Web work at Deschall Central

Adam Haberlach (
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 10:27:25 -0700

I like the new look for the web page. I think that the main
reason that we're losing people to DES Violation is that they have
really cool statistics pages (I think they use more CPU time for
computing stats then they use for computing keys).

Maybe if Rocke could give us the format of the logs, or arrange
for the raw logs to be available somewhere, we could get some more
information. I would like to see the data for each of the
hosts, so that I could find out where our power is coming from, and know
who to hit up next for CPU time. It also seems to help if you can get
competition going.

Another option is to give the client the option to send its
logging information to a logserver, so that each campus/cluster/group
could have their own machine do the logging.

Are they any scripting Gurus out there willing to get us more

Adam Haberlach
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