Re: Suspend/resume idea

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 19:59:10 -0400

> How about this for a suspend/resume idea: Just before the client go
>out and ask for a key block, it checks to see if a file with a certain
>file name exists in the local directory (say, des-susp). If it
>doesn't exist, then it keeps on going. Otherwise, it goes into a loop
>of sleeping and waking up to check if the file is still there (say
>every 5 minutes).
> This has the advantage that the client will not be stopped until
>the current key block is done.
> Comments, anyone?

Why not just have the client listen for a keystroke like 'p' or
something. Maybe an 'x' to write the current key to a temp
file and exit (just in case you must reboot immediately and
don't want to waste 24 hours worth of work). It could check
cin while it was waiting to the server to dish out a new

If a system is implemented where the client is allowed to 'check out'
a group of keys after each key is checked it should write the results
to disk so as not to lost all the work if something does happen.