Re: Wish List

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 20:05:38 -0400

>3. Unique ID number assigned to each client, this would correct for
> multiple clients hidding behind one IP address, and dynamic IP
> addresses.

One feature that might also be neat for us dial-up users is if the client
could be configured to execute a rexx script so it can connect when-
ever it needs to without userintervention. After exams I'm going to
try and write a script that will monitor the output and dialup when
needed. Might it be possible to get a list of all the output messages?

I'm not so sure about this unique ID thing... it seems like it
would be a little complex to add an not provide much benifit.

It would allow multiple systems that hide behind one IP address
to each get a unique key to work on, currently there is some duplication
in keys.