A few questions from a DESCHALL newbie.

Colin L. Hildinger (colin@ionet.net)
Sun, 20 Apr 97 15:25:13

1) Does the client create a log somewhere? I can't find one. What if
something happens and I crack it overnight and the power goes out? How
will I know, especially if I've using a different dialup each time I
run it?

2) What's up with the PPro code? My P166 - OS/2 client gets 835k
keys/s, my brother's PPro 180 gets about the same with the PPro OS/2
code. Somehow that doesn't seem right.

3) Is there a way to specify higher/lower granularity? Also, is there
a way I can check a really big block offline and report back? I have
to machines in my room, but only one net connection, and I don't like
tying up the phone line all the time...

Colin L. Hildinger

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