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Andrew James Alan Welty (andrew@chatlink.com)
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 14:19:18 -0700

Here's an old e-mail of mine discussing a program called freeDUM, that I
use on three Windows95 machines to automaticly dial-up:

- -----
Several people have expressed intrest in being able to download
larger keyspaces to minimize dial-up time.

Now, those of us cursed with limited usage dial up accounts have
an answer! I found a program, freeDUM103.zip that will allow one
to schedule automated connection/disconnections to your ISP.

I setup freeDUM to dial in at 5 and at 35 minutes past the hour on
my Pentium 133. A 2*2^29 key search takes about 1650 to 1750
seconds (depending on what I'm doing) so dialing in every half hour
makes sense. The dial in times are adjustable and easy to use.

I just found it a couple of hours ago, so I don't know for sure all the
implications/limitations/bugs/features of this program, but it sure
is what I was looking for.

With this tool, I expect to effectivly double my Keys/sec rate, and
lower my on-line usage. What a deal. :)

Not a complete solution.

1) Limited to mickysoft windoze 95

2) Doesn't take into account those with more then one machine that
dialin. Ok partially but what if the other machine tried to call
in while the phone was in use?

3) Also allowing a group of keys to be checked out would decrease the
load on the server.