Re: [the mysterious empty subject line :-)]

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 15:54:22 -0700

> 1) Limited to mickysoft windoze 95

Other operating systems are probably better able to deal with this. If
you're running on a Unix system, a shell/Perl script plus cron should do
the trick. OS/2 users can do the same with REXX. In fact, I would be
somewhat surprised if there isn't a dial-on-demand setup for dialup Unix

Actually somebody on this list did post a REXX script before. Also
Perl is supported under OS/2.

> 2) Doesn't take into account those with more then one machine that
> dialin. Ok partially but what if the other machine tried to call
> in while the phone was in use?

Hmm. I don't know if this is a problem... If you've got multiple modems,
the dialing modems *should* notice there is no dial tone, and not dial.
Idealy, you should be able to set up your dialer to just retry after X
seconds. If you're sharing a modem with a serial switch, the modem just
won't seem to respond. Again, you ought to be able to make your dialer
just retry in a X seconds.

Still if a person is using the phone the computer would have to wait until
it's free not processing any keys. Also if another modem picks up on the
line it could disconnect the other modem.