Re: Recipes for automatically starting deschall (different OSes
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 20:03:35 +0000

You can get it to run as a pseudo-service on 95 by making certain
changes to the registry. Then you don't have to be logged in (not
that it really matters with 95's lack of security). I don't have the
info here at home but there is a machine set up that way where I
work. So if anyone is _really_ serious about setting it up that way,
I can get the info you need.

- Mark

> >Can someone tell a Unix hack how to set up deschall so it starts when
> >our Win95 or WinNT machines boot up?
> Just stick it in the Startup group. Someone needs to log into the machine
> though (unless you re-write it as a Service; then it would run under NT
> without anyone logged on).
> -Keith