Larger blocks

Colin L. Hildinger (
Sun, 20 Apr 97 20:21:28

Can we have a little discussion of how large the blocks should be
allowed to get? I'm thinking 2^34 or 2^35 pairs for my system would
work, with the server giving 36 hours to complete.

Right now it appears that the server bases how big your blocks are by
however many it thinks you can get done in <1 hour. Is this right?
Can this be changed on the server, maybe increased to 24 hours? Or
maybe with a command line switch? Anyway, what about it?

Also, how does the server handle different IP addresses? I mean, if I
started a 24 hour session, and had to reboot, the next time I started,
the server would probably give me a different block, right? What if my
friend, also on IONet started up after I hung up and had my old IP
address? He'd get my block, and that would be a waste. Just some
thoughts from someone who just joined in...

Colin L. Hildinger

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