RE: Recipes for automatically starting deschall (different OSes)

Jensen Harris (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 22:18:00 -0400

On Sunday, April 20, 1997 9:50 PM, Keith Chang []
> >>Just stick it in the Startup group.
> >
> >But that's a per-user thing, right?
> Unless you stick it in the All Users (or Common) startup group, then
> everyone logging in would start the app.
> >>Someone needs to log into the machine though (unless you re-write it
> >>as a Service; then it would run under NT without anyone logged on).
> >
> >Is it possible to "rewrite it as a Service" simply by putting a
> >batch-file wrapper on it?
> Not sure. I've always been under the impression that it needs to be
> written as a .SYS file and be installed via an .INF program.

No problems running it as a Service on NT. We have a number of NT Workstations
running it like this.

You need the SRVANY.EXE and INSTSRV.EXE tools from the NT Resource Kit (3.x or
4.0). Install SRVANY.EXE as a service with:

INSTSRV Deschall SRVANY.EXE (full paths of course).

Then add to the service registry entry (with REGEDIT or REGEDT32) a Parameters
key under the service root.

Make two REG_SZ values under that key:


Set Applications to the full path of the DESCHALL client.
Set AppParameters to the name of the server (i.e.

Go into the Services control panel and choose "Start". Deschall will now run
in the background everytime the computer is started, whether or not anyone is
logged in.