NT Autoexnt stuff

Corey Betka (betka@tvd0074.urh.uiuc.edu)
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 21:19:09 -0500 (CDT)

> Not exactly...You can use a little util from the resource kit to
>run it automatically, in an autoexnt.bat file, like autoexec.bat from good
>old DOS. I can dig out the batch file I used to pull this off anyone wants
>it. (Maybe even include the parts you need from the RK ;-) )

That would be pretty useful. So then the app would be able to run without
anyone logged into the NT machine? (i.e. the 'Press Control-Alt-Delete to
logon' dialog would be bouncing around the screen.)

Might be useful if the machine crashes- then deschall could start up again
without any help on my part.


Since Got the request, I'll explain it here, then I'll post the stuff on
my linux box for anon FTP.

This little piece of software from the Resource kit lets one install a
service that allows you to run an autoexnt.bat file in NT like you used to
be able to do in DOS with the autoexec.bat file. The files needed are
available at ftp://tvd0074.urh.uiuc.edu/pub/desc-stuff
(Note that I have removed the deschall client, which is needed to pull
this off.)

Essentialy, the system works by running one batch file, then everything is
running. I'll explain below:

Contents of instdesc.bat:
REM @echo off
REM Copy all the needed files into the system32 directory (Stuff for the
REM Service and the autoexnt.bat file)
copy \\thing\desc$\install\*.* %SYSTEMROOT%\system32
REM Copy out deschallx.exe and the instexnt binary
mkdir c:\desc
copy \\thing\desc$\*.* c:\desc
REM Install it
c:\desc\instexnt install
REM Start it...
net start autoexnt

Contents of autoexnt.bat file:
REM Run deschal5 on startup!
c:\desc\deschal5 keymaster.verser.frii.com > c:\desc\log.txt

Send me some mail if this is all unclear....And I'll try again....


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