Re: Larger blocks

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 19:26:55 -0700

> Right now it appears that the server bases how big your blocks are by
> however many it thinks you can get done in <1 hour. Is this right?
> Can this be changed on the server, maybe increased to 24 hours? Or
> maybe with a command line switch? Anyway, what about it?

This would be pretty inconvenient for myself and probably some others....
I don't run the client straight for 24 hours, since I sometimes boot into
a different OS. Also, I'm sure some of the university lab machines are
running for shorter periods of time and wouldn't be able to contribute
anything if the period were set to 24 hours.

I think a better solution would be to figure out a way to get the dialup
machines to dial in on their own when they need keys.

Large groups of keys would be an OPTION, not required.