RE: Larger blocks

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 19:27:33 -0700

Actually, it will attempt to re-assign key-blocks when a
connection is lost (it might just be for our net). We were
causing problems with the server because our set-up consisted of
~100 computers that were firing up deschall whenever people
would log in. This helped keep us from killing the server.
Rocke could explain better.
Unfortunately, it also means that we end up re-trying some
space when we fire up our multi-proc clients (each invocation
starts on the same block of keys). However, that wastes 25
minutes in re-trying a negligible section of keyspace. I can
live with it.

The only connection to the keyserver is when the client sends
the results of the last key it processed and requests a new
key. The client doesn't stay connected to the keyserver.
There is no way for the keyserver to know the that a connection
has been lost. If multiple requests from the same IP address hit
the keyserver in a short amount of time it may have some effect.