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Colin L. Hildinger (
Sun, 20 Apr 97 21:37:54

On Sun, 20 Apr 1997 18:43:02 -0700, Andrew James Alan Welty wrote:
>Can we have a little discussion of how large the blocks should be
>allowed to get? I'm thinking 2^34 or 2^35 pairs for my system would
>work, with the server giving 36 hours to complete.
>It depends on each system. IF the keyserver would parcell out larger
>key ranges, or larger blocks it could simple give a smaller test key
>block to your system them based on that decide what would need to be
>parcelled out to your system to give it say 24 hours of work. I
>believe smaller blocks, just more of them would be better as this would
>allow you to reboot the system if needed without losing all the work
>done so far on that large key.

I think you should be able to specify a higher or lower granularity -
If my system's going to be on for a day, but not connected to the net,
I want to be able to do 24 hours worth, if I'm using it and connected,
smaller blocks make more sense, as less work would be lossed in a
reboot or whatever, like if I installed a new program that required a
reboot, or (God forbid) I get an unrecoverable crash which requires a

>Right now it appears that the server bases how big your blocks are by
>however many it thinks you can get done in <1 hour. Is this right?
>Can this be changed on the server, maybe increased to 24 hours? Or
>maybe with a command line switch? Anyway, what about it?
>Yes it bases the keyblock size on how much your system can get done in
>a set amount of time. Currently not supported.

I know it's currently not supported. Is there any chance that it will

>Also, how does the server handle different IP addresses? I mean, if I
>started a 24 hour session, and had to reboot, the next time I started,
>the server would probably give me a different block, right? What if my
>friend, also on IONet started up after I hung up and had my old IP
>address? He'd get my block, and that would be a waste. Just some
>thoughts from someone who just joined in...
>Doesn't matter keyblocks are not determined by IP address. Anytime you
>connect to the server you will be assigned a different key. Unless the
>has expired (currently possible after two hours) it would not be reassigned
>to your friend.

Then why do I get the same block if I stop the program and restart it?
You're saying it's not using my IP address? Why do I get the same
block if I start a second instance of deschal5? Seems like it's using
my IP to me.

>The main thing Dynamic IP address effect is the amount of
>clients from a given domain. Say you where the only one it the IONet
>but connected 4 seperate times, each time getting a different IP assigned,
>IONet domain would show up in the rankings as four clients.

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