Re: Recipes for automatically starting deschall (different OSes

Brian Young (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 23:02:42 -0500 wrote:

> You can get it to run as a pseudo-service on 95 by making certain
> changes to the registry. Then you don't have to be logged in (not
> that it really matters with 95's lack of security). I don't have
> the
> info here at home but there is a machine set up that way where I
> work. So if anyone is _really_ serious about setting it up that
> way,
> I can get the info you need.
> - Mark
> > >Can someone tell a Unix hack how to set up deschall so it starts
> when
> > >our Win95 or WinNT machines boot up?
> >
> > Just stick it in the Startup group. Someone needs to log into the
> machine
> > though (unless you re-write it as a Service; then it would run
> under NT
> > without anyone logged on).
> >
> > -Keith
> >
> >

I would be *very* interested in something like that, especially if you
could get it to work with Windows 95. The only stopping us from putting
the client on some 150 Lab machines here is that it would only run when
some one is logged in, if we could make it run all the time....

Brian Young
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