A clarification.

Colin L. Hildinger (colin@ionet.net)
Mon, 21 Apr 97 01:48:07

I just booted over to Windows 95 (first time in a long time) and ran
the Win32 version of Deschal5. It behaves a little differently from
the OS/2 version, which clarifies some of what we discussed earlier.

1) Behavior of second instance
Win32 version starts a new keyblock
OS/2 version starts same keyblock

2) Starting point
Win32 client started at 2^23 pairs and worked its way up
OS/2 client starts at 2^22 pairs and worked its way up

3) Speed (this one kinda suprised me) - FWIW
Win32 with -m took 6 seconds
OS/2 with -m took 5 seconds

I retried both several times. Why was I suprised? I have a LOT of
things going on under OS/2. Watchcat shows like 10 processes going
with no programs running, about 40-50 threads total at startup. I
don't have anything like that going in Win95, because quite frankly, I
don't use it but about once a month at most (when I want to play
Diablo...), and it doesn't have a bunch of things going in a default
setup. The only things I have going under 95 are a few little agents
that Corel Office installed - these shouldn't eat a significant # of
clock cycles should they?

Anyway, YMMV.

On another note - how can you make DOS (Win95) append to a log file
instead of creating a new one each run?

Colin L. Hildinger

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