Re: A clarification.

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 00:11:08 -0700

1) Behavior of second instance
Win32 version starts a new keyblock
OS/2 version starts same keyblock
On my system a second instance of the OS/2 client starts
a new key.

2) Starting point
Win32 client started at 2^23 pairs and worked its way up
OS/2 client starts at 2^22 pairs and worked its way up

OS/2 starts at 2~22 on my system as well.

3) Speed (this one kinda suprised me) - FWIW
Win32 with -m took 6 seconds
OS/2 with -m took 5 seconds

Rocke's home page states that Linux is faster then OS/2 then that
other thing is slower.