Re: Java!

C Matthew Curtin (
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 08:44:15 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris D Dickens <> writes:

Chris> Couldn't we put the reference to the Java on their page TO the
Chris> DESCHALLENGE server? That way the Java app comes from the same
Chris> place it's going to be talking to.

Could do that, but then we're adding more overhead to the deschall

One idea that we already kicked around is having a web server (i.e.,
like one of mine) serve the applet, and then act as a proxy between a
keyserver and the Java client. This would work nicely. But it would
be slow, and we definitely want to spend our cycles getting the
current clients as fast as possible, and then getting as many people
as possible to run those. Java should be an absolutely last resort,
used only by folks who wouldn't be able to participate otherwise.
(Keep in mind, the key cracking thread would be only one thread in the
JVM, and the JVM would be only one process on the system. So it, in
addition to being unoptimized interpreted bytecodes, would be fighting
for time within the JVM, which would be fighting for time on the

Kind of nasty.

And there's another issue: everyone who knows Java doesn't have time,
and everyone who has time doesn't know Java. :-)

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