Re: Some random thoughts... DES Challenge on OS/2

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Tue, 22 Apr 97 00:07:35 -0500

On Sat, 19 Apr 97 21:07:58 -0700, Tim Sawchuck wrote:

>In <>, on 04/14/97 at 06:38 PM,
> (Ronald Van Iwaarden) wrote:
>>I agree with this 100%. I (for one) would be interested in statistics
>>per platform. I know I am intersted in seeing if I am the only OS/2
>>participant or if there are a number of others.
>I have a 486/dx2-66 and a AMD K5-100 networked with/and running under OS/2
>Warp Connect.

I have a P166 on running Warp 4. Also, there's a fellow
running a few OS/2 machines in vegas from

Also, shows up as running a few clients, and they're an OS/2
developer. How about this: Send me reports on OS/2 users with the
words DES OS/2 in the subject line. I'll put together a web page.

Email address
OS/2 version
Type of client (I486, Pentium, Cyrix, whatever)
Number of keys tried and a date range (update me weekly)
Approximate # of keys per second and which client version you're using

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