Re: alternate location for alpha binaries?

Stephen Langasek (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 15:50:11 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 22 Apr 1997, Corey Kosak wrote:

> I've got acesss to a couple of dozen alphastation 255s, plus a couple of very
> zippy alpha servers that I want to throw at this problem.
> I understand that deschall-decunix3.2-alpha is available, but isn't yet in the
> archive. As instructed, I've sent mail to rcv, but haven't gotten a response
> yet. It's only been 24 hours since I sent mail, and I realize that rcv is
> busy, but I could have burned up a trillion keys for you all in that time :-)
> Are there any other ways I can get this binary? Can someone who has it share
> it with me? I think this would not violate any rules or laws. I'm a US
> Citizen, promise not to export it, all my computers are bolted to the state of
> Pennsylvania, etc.

I would second this sentiment. I haven't pursued the binary yet, having
been busy elsewhere, but I could potentially get access to a fair number
of alphas that would be happy to plug away on the project. I'm likewise a
certified US citizen, my computers are all in the US, I've had my shots,
etc., etc., so if anyone is willing to help, 'twould be appreciated.

-Stephen Langasek

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