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Wed, 23 Apr 1997 17:52:19 -0600 (MDT)


This is kind of off topic: In terms of raw processing speed, is Pentium
with MMX faster than Pentium Pro? Obviously, if you have an application
that takes advantage of the SIMD architecture, it is probably faster on
MMX. However, if you don't use the MMX part, which is faster? The MMX
chips does have a larger cache than the Pentium Pro.

The reason that I ask this is that I will soon be getting a new
computer, and I may have a say in what I get (this is subsidized by my
boss). Seeing that I won't be using the computer 24 hours each day, I
plan to run DESCHALL on it whenever possible. Since key-cracking is
almost entirely determined by the processor speed, maybe I can use the
key cracker to determine which is faster. I know that there isn't an
assembly version of the key cracker for MMX yet, but it will give me
at least some indication. Does anyone know the difference between the

I also see that Rocke needs a guest account on a MMX platform.
Unfortunately, I must run Win 95 on that machine (that's why I can get
a new computer for work), and it must run through IP masquerading off
my Linux box. Is it still possible to set up a guest account on Win
95? I suspect that this is impossible, but then again, I have never
used Win 95 [ Yes, it's 1997 now, but I'm still proud of that fact
that I haven't used Win 95 :) ]. If it is possible, I would not mind
setting up a guest account at all.


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