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>that takes advantage of the SIMD architecture, it is probably
>faster on
>MMX. However, if you don't use the MMX part, which is faster?
>The MMX
>chips does have a larger cache than the Pentium Pro.
Our few MMX Machines tend to be really fast, even for things
that don't use the MMX extensions. This is primarily because of
the huge (for a Pentium) on-chip cache. If money is an object,
go with the MMX. If it isn't (and you don't mind having your
office get warmer) , you probably want a 4 Proc PPro 200.

>assembly version of the key cracker for MMX yet, but it will
>give me
>at least some indication. Does anyone know the difference
>between the
I'm not sure if it's going to make much difference. Around
here, it looks as though the main speed increase comes with the
raw clock speed. Our PPro 166 machines aren't doing keys much
faster then our Pentium 166 machines. I don't think that the
Cache is going to make a whole lot of difference (although I
could be wrong--we have not run the client on the MMX ones yet).
I'll look into this.

>my Linux box. Is it still possible to set up a guest account
>on Win
>95? I suspect that this is impossible, but then again, I have
>used Win 95 [ Yes, it's 1997 now, but I'm still proud of that
>that I haven't used Win 95 :) ]. If it is possible, I would
>not mind
>setting up a guest account at all.
I'm not sure if he can do anything productive with a guest
account on Win95. What he needs is a shell that he can use to
compile code. I 'MIGHT' be able to get Linux going on one of
our MMX machines long enough, but I don't think it will be any
time soon. I suppose there is quite a bit of hand-tuning that
has to be done to the code anyway.

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