Re: I've often wondered

Darrell Kindred (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 01:49:55 -0400

Justin Dolske writes:
> I think the real issue is the time it takes to do things.
> It takes time to get a server up an running, clients
> developed and optimized, porting across platforms,
> special configurations, etc. Adding in the ability for
> the servers to communicate is extra overhead and extra
> time. [...]

There's no need for the servers to communicate directly.
The DESCHALL organizers can just inform organizers of the
other efforts that DESCHALL will first search all keys whose
first hex digit is (say) 2 or D (since we search
complementary pairs). Once we finish that, we'll announce
that we're starting some other (unclaimed) digit.

Manually divvying up the keyspace at this granularity should
require only very simple modifications to keyservers, and it
will become increasingly important that we do this to avoid
wasted work. I hope the arrangements will be made soon (if
they haven't been already).

- Darrell