Re: Illinois and compilations

guy albertelli (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 13:51:11 -0400 (EDT)

> > On another note entirely, has anyone looked into what happens when you
> > compile the non-x86 client with gcc -O6? Having one Alpha that can only do
> > 0.2 MKps, I'm definitely interested. Alternatively, you can use cc with
> > about a dozen command-line options to tweak the compilation, but I figured
> > it'd be easier to try it with gcc and one option. :-)
> I personally would like to see a IRIX 6.3 / R5000 specific compile! On a
> real IRIX system running MIPSpro compiler, one should use:
> CFLAGS = -O2 -o32

Okay, here goes a bit of the description of what I have gone through to
get what I consider to be optimal compiles on the Alpha/MIPS/Sparc


Each compile has been tested for speed on early versions of the 21064 and
21164 chips,

Compiles tested:

cc {-xO4,-xO5} { ,-tune host,-tune ev5}
gcc {-O2,-O3}

Winner gcc -O3


Compiles were tested on R10000, R5000 machines

Compiles tested:

cc {-O2,-O3} {-mips,-mips2,-mips3,-mips4} {-o32,-n32,-64}
gcc {-O2,-O3}

winner: cc -O3 -mips -o32


Compiles were tested on an ELC, SLC, Sparc 10, Sparc 20,
Sparc 20(Ross Hyperc Sparc),UltraSPARC

cc {-x03,-xO4,-xO5} {a slew of -xtarget= and -xchip=} {-fast} {-xautopar}
gcc {-O2,-O3} {-msupersparc,-mv7,-mv8}

Winner: gcc -O3 -msupersparc

The weird thing here is that I would have expected there to be some
deviation in compiling for one architecture and running it on other ones.
But I don't rember a single case where If I improved performance on any
one platform that another platform got worse. I.E. the supersparc option
didn't degrade performance on a non supersparc platform.

Also, having looked at the code, looked at the assembly output, the stuff
from the compiler looks tight. Maybe a bit of a wiggle here and there, but
very tight. These RISC architectures are very well tuned for compilers,
unlike the x86 platform. Still looking at improving the other platforms,
but the most likely improvement will be to make use of the 64-bittedness
of the 64-bit platforms, non of which is being done right now.


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