Re: 64 bit DES (forwarded message from Matthew Kwan)

Chris D. Dickens (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 16:38:59 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, guy albertelli wrote:

> > To be honest, I believe a "-O3 -n32 -mips4" compiled version would
> > enhance this by a great deal, but I don't have the source so
> > my hands are tied.
> This would run about 50 to 70 percent slower, already tried. The fastest
> code on the R10K Onyx I was testing on is the -o32 -mips -O3 version.
> Flat out weird I know, but true.

Indeed weird. I figured using more advanced features of the MIPS
architecture might help, but in this case I guess they're getting in the

Is the -o32 -mips -O3 version the one currently in circulation? If not,
I'd like to get a copy to test. Out of curiosity, which IRIX version and
machine did you compile on? Could it be possible that the -mips4 might
run better on an O200 versus the Onyx?

Also, which version of MIPSpro are you using? I've seen numbers showing
that the latest 7.1 compiles code that runs slower in some cases than the
older 7.0.1 that's still usable on IRIX 6.2+. NOTE: If you can't get
access to IRIX 6.3 for testing, I'd be more than happy to give you remote
access to my own machine for as long as necessary.

> > The other 20 or so machines are various P100s, P166s, etc. I'm curious to
> > know what anonymous2 is using on a single machine.
> anonymous2 is a gateway, there was a message a while ago listing all of
> the machines they had running through it.
> Enjoy.

Could you look through your history and forward me a copy? I've not been
on the list long and apparently missed it. Thanks!

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