Re: problem with UDP<->TCP/HTTP Gateway

Mark G. Scheuern (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 16:16:18 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, Kelly Campbell wrote:

> > I think I've gotten my proxy authentication problem solved, but
> > now I get empty replies. I added the package, so I
> > don't think that's the problem.
> I'm finding that there is more to connecting through a firewall than just
> sending the connection request. We have a SOCKS 5 firewall. The RFC for
> SOCKS and other information can be found at
> I don't have time to make the perl script go right now however, so
> hopefully, someone else might.

I've gotten a bit farther. I ended up changing the line:

while(<SOCKET>) {last if /^$/;}


while(<SOCKET>) {last if /^\s*$/;}

I must be getting some blanks along with the newline after the HTTP
headers, for some reason. Anyway, it now requests and gets a key
range from deschall-gateway:

U2T 16209: got TCP reply: A2 - - - 614F1F190B010101 D58B8746917B4442 22

then deschall crunches on that for a few seconds and tries to report

U2T 16213: sent TCP request: N2[E377E7E3/67362A3C] 22 A2 - - -
614F1F190B010101 D58B8746917B4442 22

which is actually escaped and sent as:


(I'm splitting the lines here for email purposes)

and the response is:

Z T2U: Empty or Bad TCP request.

The reply must be getting garbled or misunderstood somewhere: either by, the proxy server, or on the receiving end.

At least my Perl and HTTP skills are getting some good practice!