Gateway Help

Bret Stastny (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 14:15:16 -0700


Well I have a NT/Visual C++ UDP to TCP gateway kind of working...
(I know NT and Visual C++, I just love extra work, and mystery.)

This is what I can do so far,
I can get the packet from the client, pass it to the tcp<->udp
gateway get a valid range to check, pass the range to the client, It
does the check, passes the message back to my udp<->tcp prog I then pass
message to the TCP->UDP gateway, at this point I get the INVALID or
message error return from the TCP->UDP gateway.

In my opinion I am not getting the Client replies from the checked key
returned correctly. Is the some special header or footer I need to send
to the
TCP->UPD gateway?

I do not want to mess around with sending client search replies back
for fear of messing something up.

any ideas?