Re: Growth rate

Nelson Minar (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 22:22:19 -0400

>> I got news, students go home in a few weeks. What does this mean? It
>> means many will lose their net access for the summer. It also means
>> the labs won't be busy - hmmmm...
>Unfortunately, that also means many labs will be closed...most
>likely including almost all of our residence hall labs here at UIUC.

Surely UIUC doesn't turn off all the computers?

The way to make this work is to get sysadmins to install deschall on
their machines so the program runs in the background without anyone
thinking about it. We've got a script to make this easy for Unices
with a SysV-style init, and a BSDish script would be trivial. Lobby
your admins!

Windows machines are more of a problem. I'm still suprised at how
awkward it is.