automating running deschall on NT

Kurt Schneckenburger (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 13:49:57 -0400 (EDT)

I have a shop full of machines running NT 4.0. I have been running Deschall
for over a month and are looking to make it a smoother job.
Instead of going around and starting Descall at 5:30 each night I am
interested in automating that process. I have tried using the scheduler AT.
I also have tried WinAT & Soon from the Server Resource Kit.
The program launches and then exits. Is there a security issue
with scheduled programs using outside resources? Any ideas on how I could
get around this? Anyone else try this? I have tried both this both locally
and remotely.

I have seen some Perl and Rexec scripts come through the mailing list. Is
there anything in these scripts that will help? It looked like one of the
was set up to kill any "DESCHALL" jobs in the morning.
Will these scripts work with the Rexec or Perl implementation that comes on
the NT Resource Kit? NT also has Kill and RKill (remotekill) programs.

I have written a small little program that calls the Win32Api and launches
Deschall using ShellExecute and SW_HIDE (as opposed to SW_NORMAL, etc.) so
no window shows. There is no icon placed on the task bar and Deschall and
does not show up in the task manager under Applications. It DOES show up
in the task manager under Processes. I'd post it but it is written in
Borland's Delphi 3.0 (beta) - Object Pascal, as I have not programmed in
C for years. We're an all Pascal shop - one of the few, I guess.

Any NT experts with ideas?

P.S. I have tried the scheduler with and without my program being involved.

- Kurt

Kurt Schneckenburger