Re: Best Client for Cyrix 6x686 Processors

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 11:15:05 -0400

When I ran DESCHAL4 and DESCHAL5 with -m, it looked like they ran at the
same speed. So, I had been using DESCHAL5. But when I tried DESCHAL4, on a
2^29 pairs of keys, it seems to process 10k/sec more keys then DESCHAL5.

This is on a IBM/CYRIX P166+ under OS/2.

I ran DESCHAL4 -m and DESCHAL5 -m ten times each under OS/2 4.0 on my
IBM (Cyrix) 686 133mhz (P166+) and came up with the exact same results,
though DESCHAL6 was a bit slower. What we really need is a version
optimized for this processor architecture.