Re: SolNET catching up?

C Matthew Curtin (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 19:12:05 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "Justin" == Justin Dolske <> writes:

Justin> Besides, we've only scratched the surface of the amount of
Justin> available CPU power. If everyone on this list was to spread
Justin> the press release around (local Usenet groups, email lists,
Justin> etc) and convince a few friends at other
Justin> universities/ISPs/.coms, we'd have no problem continuing to
Justin> double our search rate.

This is a really important point that bears repeating.

The gateways seem to be pretty stable right now, though we're still
ironing out some kinks at various places. Once we've got them fully
ironed out, there is a great potential here for people behind
firewalls to help out.

We're considering the following modus operandi for stats reporting
through the gateways: By default, you'll be anonymous if you go
through the gateways, and the keys you crunch will just be part of a
big pool fo "gateway users." If you specifically ask, we can publish
your statistics. The reason for this is because (1) it's easier for
us :-) and (2) because companies with firewalls are likely to be a
little larger, and probably less likely to want to advertise their
involvement in something like this. While our goals are altruistic,
and we're putting forth all of this effort for the benefit of
humanity, it is possible that some folks just won't believe that.
This is going to have to raise some controversy, as almost anything
having to do with cryptography these days does.

This way, if a company like AT&T or any other Fortune /[15]00(0)?/
organization were to have some MIS people find out about this, they
can run this on like 100,000 desktops, through the gateways, and be
able to do so anonymously.

BUT, people aren't going to find out about this unless all of us KEEP
telling people what we're doing, and KEEP spreading the word. And all
of the people we tell need to know that they have to tell people.
We're currently waiting for a really big break like a feature article
in a print trade magazine, which could _really_ boost our visibility.
But we're unlikely to get it unless we keep at the PR.

Thanks and kudos to to everyone helping, in whatever capacity. But
don't kick back. We need LOTS of clients running in order to be able
to PROVE (as opposed to calculating) what all of us already know:
small key cryptosystems provide very little security against even
pedestrian hackers using idle cycles.

(End of sermon.)

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