FW: Best Client for Cyrix 6x686 Processors

Zuschlag, Fred N. (694047@swfmail.swflant.lmsc.lockheed.com)
Mon, 28 Apr 97 06:51:00 PDT

Well, differences between 8 and 9 or 9 and 10 (for us P150+ users) may be
difficult to determine.

Let each program run until it's maxing out the block size (2^29 Pairs I
expect under least-loaded system) and you'll get a little more fidelity
of the speed. With the 120MHz P150+ it takes 2242 secs for 2^29 pair
with DESCHAL4, a longer (forget #s) with DESCHAL5. It's close, but if
you're machine is going to work in background for weeks, it adds up.
Yes, an optimized version would more than make up for the difference
between clients 4 and 5.

Fred Zuschlag

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>I ran DESCHAL4 -m and DESCHAL5 -m ten times each under OS/2 4.0 on my
>(Cyrix) 686 133mhz (P166+) and came up with the exact same results,
>DESCHAL6 was a bit slower. What we really need is a version optimized
>this processor architecture.

That's what I said. But if you run DESCHAL4 with the server it should be
faster than DESCHAL5. Yes, a version optimized for the Cyrix 6x686 would

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