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Justin Dolske (
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 14:01:01 -0400 (EDT)

Interested in helping out DESCHALL some more? There's a slew of things we
could use some help to get done... If you're able to do a good job on any
of these projects, drop Matt or I a line (we'll let Rocke stay busy with
other projects :-). We'll gather up the responses, and get some stuff
rolling ASAP.

[in no particular order...]

* New client front-end -- The current client isn't built for doing a
number of things people have suggested (eg, offline processing, better
stop/start support, etc). If you're an experienced C programmer (Windows,
Unix), this would be an interesting project. This won't involve the
key-crunching core code, so you don't need to know anything about DES. :-)

* Enhanced graphs -- the graphs I'm doing are just plain-n-simple
GnuPlot. Have an idea for a different type of graph, or want to improve
their look? Maybe a Java program to let you do everything client-side?

* Enhanced statistics -- We're not interested in cloning DVG or SolNet,
but there's certainly room for improvement. This would involve writing
some code (Perl, most likely) to process the server log files. A releated
project could be to write a Graph-O-Matic type web form/CGI to let people
flexably view the statistics. This is already startign to get underway...

* Publicity -- We could use people to help quickly spread new press
releases. And of course, everyone can still contact people they know at
other companies or universities/schools that have unused computers. :-)

* Utilities/scripts -- A number of people have asked for stuff to adjust
priorities, automate client/dial-up execution, etc. If you're currently
using a setup that makes use of any 3rd party utilities (or you've written
your own scripts), we could use a write up on what you're doing, how to do
it, etc. This will make it easier for new people joining to contribute to
DESCHALL with less effort on their part. :-)

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