Re: OS/2 - DOS program stops DESCHAL4

Justin Bandholz (
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 15:56:14 -0400

Milton Forte II wrote:
> I just noticed that when I started a DOS program, DESCHAL4 stopped completely
> (Normally, DESCHAL4 adds a progress period about every 5 seconds). I had to
> set background excution to off, to fix this. But it still happens, if this
> program has focus.

OS/2 allocates all idle cycles to a DOS/Windows session. Click on the
Warp center info button(It usually contains the hard drive utilization
if you click on it a few times a system load graph will appear) so the
system load graph appears and load a DOS or windows program. The system
load shoots to 100%. Since DESCHAL is designed(I think I am correct) to
only utilize free cpu cycles the DOS/Windows session and DESCHAL are
competing for idle cycles. You might be able to "nice" DESCHAL up a
priority level so it beats out the DOS/Windows session in scheduling.
You can get nice at hobbes in the unix directory.

Justin Bandholz